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The Oregon Surveyor


Vol. 40, No. 2


A Young Surveyor’s Testimonial,


contributed to becoming lackadaisical, because my

identity wasn’t attached to the outcome in any way

(except internally to the office). Now, my name is going

to be attached, and there’s no one higher up or lower

to shift blame or responsibility. I get to take responsi-

bility for my work, for my education, and for my role

in the public as well as the professional surveying

community. I have the power to make decisions on

what type of projects to accept and where, and who

I want to work with. So, I am now creating something

of my own, and it is taking on my personality. This is

a long game. It takes patience and dedication, but it

feels more rewarding than anything else that I have

ever done. When it comes down to it, I am where I am

because I’ve worked hard, but also because of all the

family, friends, and colleagues who have helped me

along the way. Here are a few in no particular order:

Matt Ellis, Esq

Jerry Ellis

Chris Sherby, PLS

Jered McGrath, PLS

Jonathan Lang, PLS

Adam Goddin, PE

Paul Landau, PLS

Tim Verney, PLS

Jim Klein, PLS

Dan Boldt, PLS

Ray Griffin, PLS

Lee Spurgeon, PLS

Pat Gaylord, PLS

Suzanne DeLorenzo, PhD

Alisa Garlington, LMT

Ed Kroll, Esq

Dan DiCicco

Pamela Hollander, RYT

Jose DeLeon, PI


1) The Cure for Anything is Salt Water by Mary South

Samantha Tanner is a PLS in Oregon and owner of 45th Parallel Geomatics, LLC in Hood River. She earned a B.S. in Geomatics from the University of Alaska,

Anchorage in 2008 and has worked in the surveying industry for 11 years.

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