PLSO The Oregon Surveyor Nov/Dec 2018

Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon | 7 From the PLSO Office more information on speakers and reg- istering prior to December 31, for Early Bird pricing. Conference Attendees can also review and purchase a new book, written es- pecially for Oregon surveyors, which will be marketed by PLSO early next year. Award winning author Brian Portwood will be rolling out The Land Surveyor’s Guide to the Supreme Court of Oregon – Volume I, the first of a 4-volume series comprehensively covering historic land rights cases which have been adjudicat- ed by the Court in chronological order. You canmeet Brian, and discuss the book with him, and purchase an e-copy of the book from PLSO. If sales of Volume I are successful, Brian will produce three ad- ditional volumes and present them, in support of PLSO, at each of the next three PLSO conferences. Brian is also a present- ing speaker on Federal Boundary Cases on Wednesday, January 16. I also hope that you will plan on attending our Annual Education &Outreach Auction on January 17. Gary Johnston, our incred- ibly hard-working and amazing Auction Chair is currently collecting quality si- lent and live auction items/experiences for Scholarships and Outreach Activi- ties. If you have not donated something to the Auction, please consider helping us build the future of surveying through this great event. Examples of fun items include a weekend getaway, high-end bot- tle of wine, camping equipment, concert tickets and more. Use your imagination! Please be sure to visit ucation-&-Outreach-Auction for more information about attending. As the year wraps up, and before we head down to Eugene and welcome in- coming 2019 Chairman of the Board Shawn Kampmann, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the incredible work and dedication that Pat Gaylord has given to the association as our 2018 Chairman of the Board. It’s been a real- ly busy year (I’d write “really” twice with three explanation points if I didn’t think Greg would edit it out). We’ve taken on some very large projects and topics. He has served as the face of PLSO member- ship and forged new paths for PLSO to follow. The year has not gone without con- troversy and Pat has handled it all with amazing patience, leadership skills and focus on the future of our organization. You will hear me sing his praises at our upcoming Annual Membership meeting as well, but I recognize good people, and Mr. Pat Gaylord is good people. I want to personally thank his firm, Harper, Houf, Peterson, Righellis Inc. for being such a strong part of our professional commu- nity this year through Pat’s involvement and stepping up to be our leading spon- sor for the 2019 PLSO Conference. As we get closer to the darkest night of the year, I would like to wish you all a very happy holiday season. Take a mo- ment to be grateful for the many good things in your life, spend time with your family and friends and recharge for the New Year. I know I am grateful for all the members of PLSO, for always caring so much about the Oregon land surveying community. See you in January!  x