PLSO The Oregon Surveyor Nov/Dec 2018

10 The Oregon Surveyor | Vol. 41, No. 6 PLSO Scholarships L ast year’s Education & Outreach Auction was an incredible success! PLSO awarded $18,000 in scholarship money this year as well as updated several promotional materials and the booth for the upcoming career and college fair seasons. We hope the upcoming 2019 Auction, held January 17 at the Hilton Eugene, will be no different! Members are asked to be- gin collecting auction prizes for donation again. Items which can make the auction especially entertaining and rewarding include: sporting goods, hand-crafted items, recreational packag- es, tools, and artwork. Other donations are also acceptable but please note there is limited interest in used survey equipment. There will also be another special scholarship fund raffle this year. A special edition Browning 12-gauge shotgun will be award- ed by drawing during auction night. Raffle ticket sales are open to the public as well as PLSO members. A limited number of raffle tickets will be available for sale later in September. More information will be provided once raffle tickets can be distrib- uted or sold online through the PLSO website. Go to -Outreach-Auction for more information. PLSO Scholarships Dear PLSO Board Members, I want to thank you for your generous donation. It is a huge encouragement to me that you see a value in my educa- tion and that you are helping me along the way. Your help enables me to put more time and energy into learning and less time and energy into worrying about college expens- es. Your donation has come at a time that I really needed it, so I thank you for supporting me during my time in college. Owing this summer, I have had another opportunity to work for a surveying firm, and the experience that I am getting in this internship has been building upon what I teamed in my two previous years in the surveying program. I look for- ward to incorporating this experience into my studies this fall quarter. Thank you again for helping me in my career path. Sincerely, Michael Ness Dear Scholarship Donors, Onward! This is my third year of college and the third year I have received a scholarship from PLSO. Thank you! I want to assure the scholarship committee that my scholarship awards have been used well and have gone directly to my education. I am doing well in my classes and my career goals have not changed. I plan on taking the FS exam before the end of the year. I want to thank the scholarship committee for selecting me to receive this award. I also want to thank the many donors who made this scholarship possible. I wish you all could understand how great an impact these awards have had on my education and the decisions I have made since starting college. Be happy because of the impact that you have had on my life and the lives of my fellow award recipients. Thank you again. Until next year, Isaac Jacobsen Dear PLSO Donors, I would like to take this moment to express my gratitude and appreciation for the scholarship program that you have tak- en the time to create. Being a student can be a very stressful life, even before financial strain is taken into consideration. This scholarship has given many of us the opportunity to be able to focus our time and worry on classes, homework, and finals instead of wondering how we will be able to af- ford standard costs of living. Thank you for not only giving me the opportunity to participate in your program, but also for selecting me. Thank you for awarding me the ability to put my full effort into my studies instead of financial wor- ries. I promise to ensure that your investment in me will be for good reason. Thank you all again. Very respectfully, Dana Londen