CNGA Looseleaf Oct/Nov 2018

Colorado Nursery & Greenhouse Association 959 S. Kipling Pky, #200 Lakewood, CO 80226 GreenCO Legislative Update Candidates Informed about Industry, 34 Endorsed In August and September, the Green Industries of Colorado (GreenCO) Legislative Committee, association staff and our lobbyists from Hicks & Associates interviewed 13 state legislative candidates. We asked each candidate a series of seven to eight questions about their views on the employer/employee relationship, water policy, use of pesticides, and transportation and growth issues. We also received a brief summary about their previous work and why they are running for public office. Their answers allow us to understand how much these individuals know about the green industry, the issues that are important to us, and how they will likely vote on those issues if elected. It also provides us the opportunity to educate them on our industry, how big our industry is, and how important it is to the Colorado economy. In addition, we select candidates to endorse, some of which receive a financial contribution from the GreenCO Political Action Committee. These contributions can be used in their campaigns. The list below includes the candidates that we en- dorsed and if we provided a financial contribution. As we approach the next Colorado Legislative Session from January to May 2019, the GreenCO Legislative Committee will meet every two weeks to review legislation that would impact your business. We will ensure our voices are heard by legislators. If legislation passes that will impact your business, you can count on CNGA to provide you with the information you need to be in compliance. Senate Races Endorsed with Financial Donation: SD1 – Jerry Sonnenberg (R) SD6 – Don Coram (R) SD7 – Ray Scott (R) SD16 – Tim Neville (R) SD20 – Christine Jensen (R) SD22 – Tony Sanchez (R) Endorsed: SD24 – BethMartinez-Humenik (R) SD24 – Faith Winter (D) House Races Endorsed with Financial Donation: HD2 – Alec Garnet (D) HD4 – Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez (D) HD18 – Marc Snyder (D) HD 22 – Colin Larson (R) HD24 – Monica Duran (D) HD26 – Dylan Roberts (D) HD29 – Tracy Kraft-Tharp (D) HD31 – Yadira Caraveo (D) HD45 – Patrick Neville (R) HD53 – Jeni Arndt (D) HD54 – Matt Soper (R) HD58 – Marc Catlin (R) HD65 – Rod Pelton (R) CNGA members provide expert input on the green industry at the Colorado State Capitol. Endorsed: HD3 – Jeff Bridges (D) HD6 – Chris Hansen (D) HD17 – Kit Roupe (D) HD19 – Tim Geitner (R) HD27 – Vicki Pyne (R) HD37 – Cole Wist (R) HD39 – Mark Baisley (R) HD42 – Dominique Jackson (D) HD43 – Kevin Van Winkle (R) HD49 – Perry Buck (R) HD52 – Joann Ginal (D) HD55 – Janice Rich (R) HD62 – Don Valdez (D)