CNGA Looseleaf Oct/Nov 2018

2 LooseLeaf  October/November 2018 colorad o Our Mission To create opportunities for horticultural and associated industry professionals to collaboratively grow their businesses through fellowship, education, advocacy and certification. Cover Photo Courtesy of Welby Gardens 3 Message from the Board Use the Off Season for Reflection & Planning 4 Here for the Members Member Benefits Add up to Big Savings 5 Member Profiles Orchard Mesa Greenhouse Welby Gardens 19 Safety Corner How to Onboard & Train Employees into a Safety Culture 20 CSU Research Update Top Performers at CSU Annual Flower Trials 22 Funding Research & Education Leveraging Resources to Build our Industry’s Future 23 NewMembers, Classified Ads, & Advertisers List 24 GreenCO Legislative Update Dan Wise, CCNP President Fort Collins Wholesale Nursery 970.484.1289 [email protected] Kerri Dantino Secretary-Treasurer, President-Elect Little Valley Wholesale Nursery 303.659.6708 [email protected] Beth Gulley Officer-at-Large Gulley Greenhouse & Garden Center 970.223.4769 [email protected] Mandy Gerace Welby Gardens 303.288.3398 [email protected] Michelle Cadena, CCNP Sunshine Horticulture 303.301.5444 [email protected] Sharon Harding-Shaw, CCNP Harding Nursery 719.596.5712 [email protected] Matt Edmundson Arbor Valley Nursery 303.654.1682 [email protected] Mike Bone, CGG Denver Botanic Gardens 720.865.3769 [email protected] Jesse Eastman, CCNP Fort Collins Nursery 970.482.1984 [email protected] Jim Klett, Ph.D. CSU Dept. of Horticulture &  Landscape Architecture 970.491.7179 [email protected] Allison Gault, MBA, CAE, Executive Director Colorado Nursery &  Greenhouse Association 303.758.6672 [email protected] Board of Directors Publisher Colorado Nursery & Greenhouse Association 959 S. Kipling Pkwy., Ste. 200 Lakewood, CO 80226 P: 303.758.6672 F: 303.758.6805 [email protected] Printer LLM Publications P.O. Box 91099 Portland, OR 97291 Display Advertising Scott Poole, LLM Publications 503.445.2242  [email protected] Allison Gault, MBA, CAE Executive Director [email protected] Staff Matt Edmundson Allison Gault, MBA, CAE Tanya Ishikawa Dr. Jim Klett Ben Northcutt Dan Wise, CCNP Tanya Ishikawa Buffalo Trails Multimedia  Communications 303.819.7784 [email protected] Contributing Writers Directors Editor Ex-Officio Members Ben Northcutt Membership Manager [email protected] Saving Time &Money Year-Round with Off-Season Maintenance LooseLeaf  is published six times a year with issues scheduled for February/March, April/May, June/July, August/September, October/November, and December/January. Visit for classified advertisements, plant publications, upcoming events, a member directory, and much more! Decoding Customer Behavior Beyond Sales Calls – Checking in with Customers 8 13 16 In This Issue