CNGA Looseleaf Dec 2018 Jan 2019

2 LooseLeaf  December 2018/January 2019 colorad o Our Mission To create opportunities for horticultural and associated industry professionals to collaboratively grow their businesses through fellowship, education, advocacy and certification. Cover Photo of the 2018 ProGreen Potting Challenge Winner 3 Message from the Board Step into a World of Opportunity at ProGreen 4 Here for the Members Developing Strategies for Labor, Drought & More 5 Member Profiles Echter’s Nursery & Garden Center Northwest Shade Trees 19 The Art & Science of Horticulture How to Make Pre-emergent Applications Effective 20 CSU Research Update Dianthus Trials at Colorado State University 21 Safety Corner Cyber Liability Insurance is Critical for Small Businesses 22 Funding Research & Education 2018 CHREF Golf Fundraiser 22 Advertiser List 23 NewMembers & Classified Ads 24 CNGA Calendar Dan Wise, CCNP President Fort Collins Wholesale Nursery 970.484.1289 [email protected] Kerri Dantino Secretary-Treasurer, President-Elect Little Valley Wholesale Nursery 303.659.6708 [email protected] Beth Gulley Officer-at-Large Gulley Greenhouse & Garden Center 970.223.4769 [email protected] Mandy Gerace Welby Gardens 303.288.3398 [email protected] Michelle Cadena, CCNP Sunshine Horticulture 303.301.5444 [email protected] Sharon Harding-Shaw, CCNP Harding Nursery 719.596.5712 [email protected] Matt Edmundson Arbor Valley Nursery 303.654.1682 [email protected] Mike Bone, CGG Denver Botanic Gardens 720.865.3769 [email protected] Jesse Eastman, CCNP Fort Collins Nursery 970.482.1984 [email protected] Jim Klett, Ph.D. CSU Dept. of Horticulture &  Landscape Architecture 970.491.7179 [email protected] Allison Gault, MBA, CAE, Executive Director Colorado Nursery &  Greenhouse Association 303.758.6672 [email protected] Board of Directors Publisher Colorado Nursery & Greenhouse Association 959 S. Kipling Pkwy., Ste. 200 Lakewood, CO 80226 P: 303.758.6672 F: 303.758.6805 [email protected] Printer LLM Publications P.O. Box 91099 Portland, OR 97291 Display Advertising Katy Patterson, LLM Publications 503.445.2244  [email protected] Allison Gault, MBA, CAE Executive Director [email protected] Staff Mike Bone, CGG Allison Gault, MBA, CAE Drew Guffey Sarah Hoffman Tanya Ishikawa Dr. Jim Klett Ben Northcutt Dan Wise, CCNP Tanya Ishikawa Buffalo Trails Multimedia  Communications 303.819.7784 [email protected] Contributing Writers Directors Editor Ex-Officio Members Ben Northcutt Membership Manager [email protected] Beyond Spring Deliveries — Shipping Trees Year Round LooseLeaf  is published six times a year with issues scheduled for February/March, April/May, June/July, August/September, October/November, and December/January. Visit for classified advertisements, plant publications, upcoming events, a member directory, and much more! 2019 ProGreen EXPO A Not-to-be-missed Opportunity Waterwise Collaboration — AWin-Win-Win for All 8 12 16 In This Issue