NCLM Southern City Volume 71, Issue 2, 2021

Table of Contents 1
In Memoriam 5
NCLM Report Calls for Broad Examinations of Policy Affecting Racial Equity 7
NCLM Board of Directors Selected at CityVision 2021 9
NCLM Local Leadership Foundation Back with Ever-Important Mission 11
By the Numbers: Senator Burgin on Data, Health Care, Local Government, and Term Limits 12
The Broadband Market Failure 17
Cities and Towns Lead the Way on Affordable Housing 22
Jennifer Robinson: Local Leadership as a 'Way of Life' 26
A Pandemic Innovation: The Online, Main Street Marketplace in New Bern 30
CityVision Virtual Conference a Success, Goes in Depth on Timely Issues 33
In NCLM-Supported Partnership, College Students are Helping Town Hall Through Pandemic 34
Board of Directors 2
Speaking Out 4
Talk of Our Towns 36
Taking the Field 40
Board of Trustees 42