NAFCU Journal January February 2022

36 THE NAFCU JOURNAL January–February 2022 The 2021 Innovation Spotlight Presented by: NAFCU Services and Preferred Partners Join the discussion for an update on trends, challenges and opportunities in the industry, demonstrations of innovative new solutions and keynotes on the biggest new ideas for credit unions, including: The Future of Lending: Michael Lock, SVP of Lending Partnerships at Upstart will talk about ideas to grow your consumer loan portfolio, lend to more creditworthy borrowers and modernize your member borrowing journey. Executive Conversations: We’re talking with Raj Dhamodharan, EVP of Blockchain, Digital Asset Products and Digital Partnerships at Mastercard about Cryptocurrency and the latest predictions, risks, emerging technologies and more. Then we’ll catch up with Patrick Touhey, SVP of Allied Solutions to talk cannabis banking, from risk management to payments technologies and more. Next Level UX: Hear from Rahm McDaniel, VP of Strategic Solutions at Q2 about the best new tools and approaches to help your members save, spend and borrow on-demand. Focus on Fraud: Getting Ahead of Threats to Avoid Losses Presented by: Adam Barrett | Senior Product Manager | DefenseStorm With 84% of fraud being detected after a monetary loss has occurred, it’s critically important for credit unions to implement tools and practices that can shift that statistic and reduce losses. In this webinar, we focus on three specific types of fraud and how to identify and prevent each from wreaking havoc at your credit union: online originations, online banking and internal fraud. Member Loyalty Through the Ages: Generational Payment Trends Presented by: Mladen Vladic | Head of Loyalty Services | FIS Join our discussion about trends in loyalty in our pandemic-impacted environment. We break down key payment trends by generation so you can most effectively serve every demographic of your membership. Learn how COVID accelerated changes in consumer preferences, why the digital-first consumer engagement model is becoming mainstream and what next-gen award choices consumers are looking for. Randy Salser is President of NAFCU Services. For more thought leadership from our Preferred Partners, access the full Educational Library at educational-resource-library and select “Show only partner content.” “To set a solid and thorough foundation for your institution, make sure you’re up to speed with all the best practices for improving member experience, mitigating risk, expanding your lending portfolio and more.”