ABC-SEMI Southeast Michigan Contractors Issue 3, 2022

Issue 3 2022 S O U T H E A S T MICHIGAN CONTRACTORS Me r i t S hop New s f r om t h e Sou t h e a s t e r n M i c h i g a n Ch a p t e r o f A s s o c i a t ed Bu i l de r s a nd Con t r a c t o r s ABC Has a New Chairwoman Freedom Room Grand Opening SEMCA Graduates Largest Class in 30-Year History CLANCY CONSTRUCTION CRUSHES IT

Contents ABC SEMI STAFF PRESIDENT/CEO Keith Ledbetter COO Mickey Mortimer VP OF EDUCATION Deanna Morley DEPUTY DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION Grace Bonventre COMPTROLLER Dave Staudt DIRECTOR OF SAFETY Drew Maltese DIRECTOR OF MEMBERSHIP John Manor DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION Marissa Downs EDUCATION SERVICES AND EVENTS COORDINATOR Kaylee Cohen OPERATIONS MANAGER Michelle Wood COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER Kelly Forrester 2022 BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHAIRWOMAN Chris Scott, Paul C Scott & Sons Plumbing, Inc. TREASURER Bridget Kewin, O’Donnell Electric LLC SECRETARY Debbie Starke, LaFemina Trucking CHAPTER ATTORNEY Frank Mamat, Dinsmore Shohl, LLP DIRECTORS Mark Angellotti, Expert Heating & Cooling Thomas Campbell, Campbell Industrial Contractors, Inc. Robert Clancy, Robert Clancy Contracting, Inc. Stacy Demers, Assured Partners Frank DiPonio, DiPonio Contracting, Inc. Eric Flessland, Butzel Long Chris Holsbeke Sr, Holsbeke Construction, Inc. Chris Maltese, D.J. Maltese Construction Corp. Matt McConnell, Architectural Hardware and Supply Dave Pytlowany, AIS Construction Equipment Corporation STATE BOARD MEMBERS Luke Beach, Independence Commercial Construction Robert Clancy, Robert Clancy Contracting, Inc. Jim Struble, RCI Electric NATIONAL BOARD MEMBERS Robert Clancy, Robert Clancy Contracting, Inc. Frank DiPonio, DiPonio Contracting, Inc. CET BOARD OF TRUSTEES CHAIRMAN Tad Martin, TMX Contracting TREASURER Jim Struble, RCI Electric MEMBERS Jeff Campbell, Campbell Industrial Contractors, Inc. Sean Fisher, Third Coast Electric Jacqueline Kaltz, KaltzCoulombe, PLLC Paige Levy, Douglas Electric Co. Contact Information ABC SEMI Office (248) 298-3600 31800 Sherman Avenue Madison Heights, MI 48071 SEMCA Office (248) 298-3600 31800 Sherman Avenue Madison Heights, MI 48071 08 12 10 Southeastern Michigan Hires a New Director of Safety 12 Largest Class Graduates from SEMCA 15 ABC of Michigan Endorses Tudor Dixon for Governor of Michigan 16 Member Profiles: State Electric & Sparkle Blinds 02 President’s Letter 04 New ABC Chairwoman Aims to Ramp Up Younger Workforce 06 Clancy Construction Crushes It on GFL Pontiac Project 08 Celebrating the Red, White, and Blue in the ABC Freedom Room 15 Advertising & Design Sales Representative Ronnie Jacko (503) 445-2234 LLM PUBLICATIONS (503) 445-2220 | (800) 647-1511

2 Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. Dear ABC Friends, In the last magazine, I used this space to describe three of seven key areas fundamental to ABC’s purpose: Defend the Merit Shop and promote free enterprise, influence public policy, and engage in employee training. What are the other key goals of the organization? Support overall industry well-being and ethics —The goal of ABC isn’t simply to serve its members, but to strengthen the overall construction industry and promote strong ethical principles in construction. These efforts take many forms. Recently, the Michigan Legislature proposed legislation to allow Michigan-based construction companies to resubmit a bid to match or beat winning bids from out-of-state competitors. Such a provision means well, but undermines the entire purpose of a competitive bidding process. ABC consistently stands up for important principles of fair play and level playing fields. Create safe workspaces — ABC SEMI employs a full-time safety director on staff who can help your company with specialized training—from OSHA 10 and 30 to toolbox talks, site visits, First Aid/CPR/AED classes, and more. ABC can give companies access to free or low-cost training for their employees. In addition, ABC national has created a free proprietary safety program called STEP, which is a self-evaluation tool for business owners who want to put maximum effort on ensuring each employee makes it home safely each night. Promote general employee welfare — ABC recognizes that construction companies are only successful when their employees thrive. Strong pay, good benefits, and employee work satisfaction are critical to company success. ABC offers a variety of programs to encourage employee retention, including benefits like Workers’ Compensation, 401(k), Legal Shield, and others. ABC also offers opportunities for employees to feel appreciated by participating in social events like clay shoots, go-cart racing, Top Golf, professional development courses, Emerging Professionals, and more. Contact us to ask about upcoming events. Enhance member profitability — By vigorously protecting equal opportunity in bidding, providing strong worker training programs, giving tools for employee retention, lowering costs on major business expenses like insurance and workers’ compensation, ABC’s goal is always to make Merit Shop contractors more competitive and profitable in the marketplace. As we celebrate our 50-year anniversary this year, it’s a great time for you to explore all that ABC has to offer. Sincerely, Keith Ledbetter | President and CEO ABC Southeastern Michigan Chapter KEITH LEDBETTER ABC SEMI President President’s Letter

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4 Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. NEW CHA IR From working as the first woman acquiring cars for leasing companies to a licensed journeyman plumber, Chris Scott does not shy away from hard work and running an award-winning company. The Associated Builders and Contractors of Southeastern Michigan is excited to have her as our new chair of the board. Scott first got involved at Paul C. Scott Plumbing working in the office and helping her husband build up the business. A few years later, she pursued her license to be a journeyman to become rooted even more in their company, but the trip there was not easy as she recalled. “I took my licensing exam in the livestock barns at MSU in the mud. I went into the barn and watched all the guys there start unfolding flowered sheets to keep their tools out of the mud and instantly panicked because I didn’t think that far ahead,” Scott said. “I fortunately passed the exam on my first try and jumped into my new role at PCS Plumbing.” For the better part of 10 years, Scott has been centered on bringing in the next generation of skilled workers. She has seen the need firsthand for workers, mentioning how much more work can be done if four more plumbers joined the business. Scott knows that she is not alone in needing workers if it’s even just a few more. “I think we are at a crucial point that if we don’t engage younger workers, the skilled trades will continue to see shortages in the workforce,” Scott said. “They’re the future of these small contracting businesses and for the association. If we don’t embed them into the business and external relationships now, we lose in the long run.” Scott’s mission over her term as chair is to boost services that engage younger workers such as apprenticeship programs and professional development. “We could not have asked for a more genuine and authentic leader to guide our association,” said Keith Ledbetter, president and CEO of ABC SEMI. “She is a level five leader, winning the Detroit Free Press’s Plumber of the Year award for metro Detroit and is recognized by Crains Detroit as one of the top 50 women in construction.”  “We could not have asked for a more genuine and authentic leader to guide our association,” said Keith Ledbetter, president and CEO of ABC SEMI. A WOMAN ON A MISSION New ABC Chairwoman Aims to Ramp Up Younger Workforce

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6 Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. With five excavators, a new concrete processing plant, and numerous support resources in place at the Pontiac GFL Recycling Facility project, Robert Clancy Contracting is undertaking their largest job to date, and they are crushing it… literally. “We are crushing a lot of concrete for sure, the rest is just good old-fashioned hard work,” said Robert Clancy, owner, and operator of Robert Clancy Contracting. “I am fortunate to have a great team Clancy Construction CRUSHES IT on GFL Pontiac Project C A S C O C ON T R A C T O R E X P A N D S O P E R A T I ON S in place to ensure that we continue to operate safely but at peak capacity. It has been a bit of a challenge, but one I am confident we will rise to the occasion. This is an important project for us and one we are very committed to finishing on time and on budget.” Steven Sattler, project manager for Robert Clancy Contracting, is excited about the prospect of taking on larger projects such as the GFL Recycling Facility in Pontiac represents. The GFL project required them to purchase a concrete processing plant and a larger higher capacity excavator, in addition to a large portion of the company’s resources. It is growth that the company has been working towards for several years. He admits during a global pandemic it was hard to look at exactly where the company was heading but in light of the increasing demand for contractors the investment in their fleet and staff is worth it. “We have known for awhile that this is the direction we were heading when it came to expanding the scope and breadth of services and projects we can bid on here at Clancy Contracting,” said Sattler. “This has been cautiously approached, but there are always certain risks you assume in this line of work. This project will be a test and strong indication of our ability to do this kind of work at this size and scope. We are capable and more than qualified—now is our chance to show it.” With the enormous amount of demolition the project required, Clancy invested in a new concrete processing plant and large capacity excavator to provide clean fill and base while reducing the amount of waste and refuse material that needs to be hauled away. With the cost of fuel and logistics of hauling out waste and in fresh fill material, it seemed prudent if not necessary to Clancy that it was time to make this investment. Workers are crushing concrete on the job site to repurpose for later (left to right) Steven Sattler, Kelly Forrester, John Manor, and Joe Krajacic pose for a picture after a tour of Robert Clancy Contacting’s largest project

ECONOMY May 4 was a momentous day to celebrate one accomplished man. Dedicated ABC member, board member and Merit Shop contractor Robert Clancy was presented the ABC Legacy Award for his contributions to ABC on a local, state, and national level. Clancy has been a long-time active ABC Southeastern Michigan member. A non-profit organization that runs off volunteers can allow for lapse in participation. But even among the top 10% there are those whose contributions stand out above the rest. Robert exhibits transcendent leadership. His contributions are not only outstanding for his moment of service, but leaves a long-lasting mark for the next leader. Clancy was a key leader during the time this chapter was leaderless, he was (and remains) an influential leader on the ABC board of directors, and was instrumental in the repeal of prevailing wage in the state of Michigan. Robert Clancy now joins the ranks of Jim Struble as an ABC Southeastern Michigan Legacy Award winner.  “I have to admit I love having that processing plant as part of our fleet,” said Clancy. “It gives us much more flexibility to be competitive in our bid process in addition to the positives of recycling aggregate on site for reuse in the project we are conducting. This has been something I was looking to add, now that we have it, we need to make the most use of it. There are challenges in processing your own fill—separating the enormous amount of rebar and steel used in older projects like this takes time, but by providing your own material on time and recycling the steel you offset most if not all the cost to run it.” The Pontiac GFL project is slated for completion this fall and Clancy is expecting it to be phase one of a much larger and expanded recycling facility for GFL in Pontiac. He sees them as being a much larger player in the market moving forward competing with the “big boys” much like Robert Clancy Contracting is.  Southeast Michigan Contractors Issue 3 2022 7 Project manager Greg Devroy parks the excavator after a hard day’s work Excavators are used to break-up concrete from a demolished warehouse Mr. ABC Earns Award of a Lifetime

8 Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. Celebrating the Red, White, and Blue in the ABC Freedom Room FREEDOM ROOM The ABC staff welcomed members, political candidates, and guests to the Southeastern Michigan chapter office in early May to debut the new networking space. Dubbed the Freedom Room, this new space is a resource for ABC SEMI members looking to network within the association and increase business. This is also a place where member companies can host team building and training to boost their employees’ knowledge of the industry. “This room has been a vision of mine ever since I came to ABC six years ago,” said Keith Ledbetter, president and CEO of ABC SEMI. “The goal was to build a room that represents the values we have as an association that connect all of our members.” Ledbetter continued saying the number one value of the association is represented in the staple piece of the room, which is the 8-foot, high-tensile steel American flag proudly displayed on the west wall, which provides a unique photo opportunity. He credits the ABC members as hard-working business owners out to achieve the American dream, and wants that flag to remind them they’re on the path to achieve that and more. The event included visits from local politicians, esteemed military personnel and the hard-working tradesmen who built the Freedom Room. Attendees enjoyed the space over appetizers and cocktails— including red and blue frozen drinks. Like any true ABC Southeastern Michigan event, the program kicked off with the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem performed by four seniors from Lutheran Northwest High School. “It means so much to me to see everyone in this room that has been a drawing on my office wall for the last six years,” Ledbetter said in his address to attendees. The ABC SEMI boards cuts the ribbon to officially open the FreedomRoom Robert Clancy (left) admires the newFreedomRoomwith ABC president Keith Ledbetter (right) COL Rocky Raczkowski shows his support of the American Flag proudly displayed in the FreedomRoom

Southeast Michigan Contractors Issue 3 2022 9 Also in attendance was ABC SEMI chairwoman, Chris Scott who was delighted with the work done to make the room possible. “I’m really excited to present this room to you and excited for all of us to enjoy coming to ABC that much more,” Scott said at the ribbon cutting. “Our goal is to strengthen the construction world—our people, our businesses and our students, and really help this community grow with our members.” The ABC Southeastern Michigan Freedom Room will serve to welcome our members, their employees, and guests to the ABC office to connect and grow business. This room will also resemble ABC’s values and our deep love for free enterprise, entrepreneurism, and America. Please reach out to the ABC office if you are interested in hosting employee building or training in the Freedom Room.  Mickey Mortimer (left) andWendy Belsley (right) stand for a photo in front of the American Flag metal artwork donated by the Summit Company Madison Heights Mayor Roslyn Grafstein (left) and ABC Chair Chris Scott (right) enjoying the Freedom Room cocktail reception Chair Chris Scott (left) and Keith Ledbetter (right) welcome esteemed guests to the FreedomRoom

10 Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. The newdirector of safety, DrewMaltese, stands for a photo in the SEMCAworkshop ready to train the next generation towork safe NEW DIREC TOR OF SAFET Y Southeastern Michigan Hires a New Director of Safety From a licensed plasterer and builder for the last 28 years to the director of safety, Drew Maltese is taking on a new role with the Southeastern Michigan chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors. “I’ve been in the business of construction for nearly three decades, and a part of ABC locally and nationally for six years,” Maltese said. “I moved into this role to expand the industry, keep fellow skilled trade workers safe, and to help them go home at the end of every day.” Maltese adds to the variety of services for ABC members to take advantage of. Contractors have access to an expert on safety and best practices for the job site—helping ensure each worker starts safe, works safe, and goes home safe. “As a contactor, I know how nerve-wrecking it can be when OSHA is mentioned on a job site,” Maltese said. “My mission is to help members stay OSHA compliant from someone who walks in their shoes. From one contractor to another, I know some of the pain points with compliance and can resolve any worries in an efficient way.” Through Drew, ABC Southeastern Michigan will offer various training to members such as First Aid/CPR/AED training, OSHA 10 and 30 training, as well as job site safety reviews and on-site safety briefings for employees. Drew will also provide OSHA 10 training for all students who enroll in our education affiliate the Southeast Michigan Construction Academy.  To get your company up-to-date on safety practices, contact Drew Maltese at or call the ABC office at 248-298-3600.

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12 Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. NEWS ABC Education Affiliate Sends More Men and Women to Work in The Trades LARGEST CLASS Graduates from SEMCA A rainy afternoon at Jimmy John’s Field did not stop the staff from celebrating the largest graduating class in the school’s 36-year history. On May 15, 79 students (52 electrical and 27 carpentry) walked across the stage to receive their diploma in the skilled trades. In an address to the graduates and their families, the SEMCA board chair Tad Martin, owner and operator of TMX Contracting, spoke about the daily conveniences most people take for granted like running water, heat, and electricity to run their home. That is, until they stop working and a call is swiftly made to a contactor. “When those tragedies of human experience like being unprepared to wake up shivering and make contact with the cold floor take place, who do you call? You call men and women of the trades,” Martin stated. “Men and women like those sitting here on the field and in the stands. Who are trained through head-knowledge and hands-on experience; ready to come to the rescue.” Martin continued his address saying the work these “unsung heroes” chose to perform is supremely honorable and a necessary skill that so many come to rely on. He explained that the wires, pipes, ducts, and vents make-up the arteries in today’s modern homes and businesses, and those sitting on the field are now the magicians of those systems. “You craft the homes of today. Your intellect fuses these systems together into the correct path for an efficient build,” Martin said. S MCA

Southeast Michigan Contractors Issue 3 2022 13 “Society depends on you daily—more than it does politicians, influencers, social media gurus, or assorted paper pushers. You will enjoy the satisfaction of finishing your work, stepping back, and saying ‘I built that. I got that working. The people in that building would be lost without me.’ So now it’s time to go out and prove that right.” SEMCA director of education Marissa Downs deemed the night a special celebration of success filled with determination, perseverance, and grit. She commended the graduates for overcoming school, work, family, and life, and for overcoming obstacles to get to graduation day. The SEMCA class of 2022 now join their peers as craft professionals ready to continue building America. Enrollment is now open for the fall semester at the Southeast Michigan Construction Academy. All ABC members get a discount on tuition. Start building up your workforce today to increase employee satisfaction and retention.  SEMCA graduates listen to the address given by school board chair TadMartin Carpentry students prepare to walk across the stage Dedicated SEMCA instructors who helped get the graduates to that stage Satyra Jordan receives her diploma in carpentry Robert Hay accepts his diploma from chair TadMartin

14 Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. SEMCA , CONT. Jeff Campbell, vice president at Campbell Industrial Contractors, Inc. has returned to his alma mater on the board of directors. Campbell attended school here “quite a few years ago” he said, and long-time mentor Jim Struble recently encouraged him to fill a spot and get involved at the construction academy again. Campbell said this is an opportunity for him to build up the school that helped him achieve a career in the trades and further the family business that his great-grandpa started in 1947. “I am the third generation that has come to work and manage our contracting business. If I learned anything since working there when I was 8 years old, it’s to not take for granted what you have and how you got there,” Campbell said. “I never saw myself as a board-ofdirectors person, but whatever I can do to further build up the trades, I’ll step up.” Campbell joins five other dedicated individuals working to increase awareness of the trades and provide a pipeline of qualified trade workers to fill the jobs available in the workforce.  SEMCA Alumni Returns to Serve on the Board “This is an opportunity for me to build up the school that helped me achieve a career in the trades and further the family business that my greatgrandpa started in 1947,” said Cambell.

Southeast Michigan Contractors Issue 3 2022 15 ABC GOVERNOR ENDORSEMENT The race for the 2022 Michigan Governor election is in full swing and the Michigan chapters of the Associated Builders and Contractors are glad to endorse Tudor Dixon for governor. ABC of Michigan, which is the political advocacy arm for Southeastern, Greater, and Western Michigan, reviewed each candidate running for governor this year. After a detailed review, the Government Affairs Committee unanimously recommended that the ABC of Michigan board of directors endorse Tudor Dixon for governor. Dixon comes from a steel manufacturing background, which will connect her to the more than 100,000 skilled trade workers in our industry. She believes in a government that gives Michiganders the tools they need to build their own American dream and then gets out of the way so they can. “We believe that she is a candidate that can not only win, but also help candidates down the ticket,” said ABC of Michigan president Jimmy Greene. “Tudor has a presence, a civility needed in today’s toxic political environment and a real compassion for working families.” Greene continued saying that Dixon’s policy ideas and philosophies on merit shop, and the challenges members face align perfectly with the mission of the Associated Builders and Contractors.  The primary election for Michigan is August 2, 2022. Please exercise your right as an American citizen and vote. Tudor Dixon for Governor of Michigan ABC of Michigan Endorses (left to right) Stacy Demers, Debbie Starke, Tudor Dixon, and Chris Scott pose for photo at ABC SEMI Tudor Dixon Fundraiser on May 4, 2022 (left to right) PamMerlo, Tudor Dixon, and Perry Merlo connect at ABC SEMI Tudor Dixon Fundraiser (left to right) Tudor Dixon, Keith Ledbetter, and Mickey Mortimer share a laugh with the crowd at a fundraiser for Dixon at the Townsend Hotel

16 Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. MEMBER PROF I LES The Holly, Michigan-based ABC electrical contractor is literally charging ahead of the competition as one of the largest electric charging station providers in the nation! According to Byron Muonio, chief operating officer for State Electric Company, the government’s increasing demand to curb carbon emissions has created a high demand for electric vehicles, and they are making it their mission to provide the electric vehicle charging stations to fuel them. “We have been amazed to watch this segment of our industry explode,” said Muonio. “We were extremely fortunate to get in early and place a large order for charging stations. With the pandemic and supply chain issues, we are one of the few companies able to meet the demand for these—not just here in Michigan, but across the country. I do not see this demand slowing anytime soon and frankly this market demand will continue to be high in the coming years.” Muonio sees the fastest growing segment, and the one in the most demand coming from the supercharging segment. The fast-charging capabilities offered by supercharging stations along with the widespread installation applications in the commercial and residential sectors trigger high demand in the electric vehicle charging station market for supercharging solutions. As per the type of installation, the key segments in the electric vehicle charging station market include fixed chargers as well as a portable charger. “We are one of the top suppliers of the supercharging stations here in the United States,” said Muonio. “And as this market grows, we will continue to strive to meet this demand. It is a challenge for us along with the excellent full electrical services we provide at State Electric Company, but we are committed to the future of electric charging stations and the roll it will play in our customers daily lives.” According to Dylan Lobbestael, one of State Electric’s Electric vehicle project leads, the residential market is growing at an amazing pace with customers often opting for the more expensive, high speed charging systems. “We have been pleasantly surprised at the growth in the residential market for these electric vehicle charging systems,” said Lobbestael. “The increased availability of electric vehicles has forced many consumers to seek out better, more reliable forms of recharging their personal vehicles. And, although it is not an inexpensive investment, it is practical for most customers of electric vehicles to have their own charging station in their home. Our biggest obstacle can often be the amp service they have available, but as a full-service electrical company, we are able to solve that problem for them.” Duane Lobbestael, president of State Electric Company is proud of the strides they have made in the electric charging station market but says they will never forsake the work that their company is based on. Other services they offer are installing solar panels and backup generators in homes or businesses, to setting up an electrical grid for new construction or making smart upgrades. “We are committed to making sure all the electrical needs of our customers are met,” said Duane Lobbestael. “Our company has worked hard to establish a strong reputation for quality work, done on time and on budget. That is our cornerstone—our mission, and one that we will continue to meet as we move forward into the emerging EV charging market.”  State Electric is Charging Ahead Electric Car Charging Market Booms COO of State Electric Company Byron Muonio showcases the company’s new charging stations The team at State Electric Company is ready to provide a solution for your transportation needs

Southeast Michigan Contractors Issue 3 2022 17 Like many contractors during the pandemic, brothers Jeff and Stephen Strait, owners and operators of our newest ABC member, Sparkle Blinds, found themselves in a health crisis. No, it wasn’t necessarily COVID, although that certainly complicated things. It was brother Stephen’s kidney failure and the only immediate match, his brother Jeff—now what is a company to do? With the future of their 20+ year company in the balance and Stephen’s declining health, they decided to recruit Jeff’s wife, Tanya Strait, to help run the company while both brothers underwent these crucial operations. An operation that would likely determine not only Stephen’s future, but the future of the company. “Stressful does not quite explain what our family was going through,” said Tanya Strait, operations manager for Sparkle Blinds. “We had literally decided to undergo the transplant, I left my job with Trinity Health to help with the business and then COVID hits. We were so uncertain about how to proceed but were blessed that Stephen was literally the last transplant surgery conducted before they locked things down and postponed future procedures. Thank goodness it worked, and Stephen and Jeff would recover, but it would take months for both to return to work in any meaningful way. That was when I realized my calling.” Tanya, who previously was a revenue analyst, believes something good came of all this turmoil, she realized she loved working in the family business. In short order, she found herself front and center as the new face for her family’s company. Networking, marketing, a robust social media campaign, and advertising were all avenues she explored during the solo-tenure and when the brothers returned to see both their revenues and client base had grown made a mutual decision—she was there to stay! “These guys are the heart and soul of this company,” said Tanya. “I am proud to be a part of this success and frankly don’t see myself doing anything else. It was funny that both Jeff and Stephen said the same thing—‘don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.’ I love working with the team, customers, vendors, and suppliers—creating those relationships that allow us to be profitable, but without sacrificing quality. I feel like our products are as good as anyone’s, but our service and value are second to none.” Sparkle Blinds is a family-owned and operated business who has dedicated over 20 years to offering convenient and affordable on-site blind cleaning/ repairs and free consultations for new blinds/window treatment for your home or business! Sparkle offers both commercial and residential service and product. Featuring shutters, zebra shades, and roller/solar shades are just a few window blinds that Sparkle Blinds can provide a free consultation for, right at your home or business! Best of all Tanya explained they use local manufactures and US-made products whenever they can. “I have found local manufactures can provide, in most cases, even better quality than the ‘big-name’ brands and at a fraction of the cost,” said Tanya. “Best of all we are supporting local companies who are supplying US-made products to our customers. Helping our customers is our mission and being an active, contributing force in our community is our passion. So in that instance I guess we really do ‘sparkle.’”  Sparkles Blinds services the following Michigan locations: Macomb, Clinton Twp, Shelby Twp, Sterling Heights, Utica, Chesterfield, New Baltimore, Rochester, Washington, Oakland, Warren, Roseville, Fraser, Troy, St. Clair Shores, Grosse Pointe, Harrison Twp, Bloomfield Hills, Franklin. They can be reached at (586) SPARKLE. Operations Manager Tanya Strait visited the ABC SEMI office for newmember onboarding Sparkle Blinds’ worker cleans blinds as one of their necessary services Panel track blinds are a unique design offered through Sparkle Blinds Why Shine When You Can Sparkle? Sparkle Blinds Turns Tragedy into Triumph

ABC SEMI Office 31800 Sherman Ave. Madison Heights, MI 48071 (248) 298-3600