OTA Dispatch Issue 4 2018

14 Oregon Trucking Associations, Inc. Oregon Truck Dispatch EVENTS Security Summit Heathman Lodge | Vancouver, WA October 10, 2018 OTA PARTNERED with Washington Trucking Associations for a new event focused on security issues in the trucking industry. It’s easy to think security breaches, violence in the workplace, natural disasters, trucking technology hacking, and terrorist attacks “will never happen to us,” but it can and it has! Speakers at the presentation referenced issues that businesses of all sizes have experienced and each provided tips on preventative measures each person should take to keep their employees safe. Stay tuned for similar topics in OTA publications and events. We plan to host similar events, annually. Special thank you to our sponsors! Premier Supporting Other OTA Events See page 34 for an article from TSA, one of our presenting groups at the event.