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July 2015
Volume 33, Number 7
A publication of the Medical Society of Metropolitan Portland
The Portland Physician
PERMIT No. 700
Feeling the Pulse
Scores of music fans
turned out for MSMP’s
Battle of the Doctor Bands,
supporting the nonprofit
Project Access NOW and
soaking in the diverse
musical styles of Wolf
Meetings, Ojos Feos
and Crimson.
Focus on Patient Care, continued
If curriculumchanges under way
Oregon Health & Science
University School ofMedicine
playout inan ideal fashion, every
future doctor who comes out
of OHSU will be able to work
effectively in a team environ-
ment, interact with patients in
a friendly way, use the Internet
efficiently, and know how to
use social media like Twitter
and Facebook as tools to help
provide better care.
All that, and still gain all the
classroom and clinical knowl-
edge they need to practicemed-
icine, too.
“Medical schools are not pro-
ducing the doctors we need
in the future,” said
Mejicano, MD
, a professor of
medicine and a senior associate
dean for education at OHSU’s
School of Medicine. “At the na-
tional level, there’s been a call
for medical education reform
Efforts under way to shine a little
more light on health care pricing
By Jon Bell
For The Scribe
With restaurants, grocery stores, clothing
shops and almost any other kind of retail
setup, consumers know what they’re going
to pay up front.
With health care? Not somuch. Head into a
hospital for a hip replacement, and not only
will the price not be posted, but it will vary
widely from patient to patient, hospital to
hospital and insurer to insurer.
But there’s a growingmovement across the
country to bring some transparency to health
care pricing.
“This is the way the wind is blowing na-
tionwide,” said
Philip Schmidt
, director of
public affairs for the
Oregon Association of
Hospitals andHealthSystems
. “Especially as
As part of its curriculum changes, OHSU has implemented much more active learning experiences.
Photo courtesy of Fritz Liedtke
OHSU restructuring approach to medical school
By Jon Bell
For The Scribe
for about 20 years. About
three years ago, we decided
to change in response to that
OHSU is one of just 11 medi-
cal schools across the country
that landed $1 million, five-
year grants in 2013 as part
of the
American Medical
Association’s “Accelerating
Change inMedical Education”
program. Designed to help re-
structure curriculum and as-
sessment methods into new
models that can be adopted at
schools across the nation, the
funding came at just the right
time for OHSU.
“We were going to make
changes regardless, but when
we heard about the AMA’s ini-
tiative, it was like manna from
heaven,” Mejicano said. “The
grant really facilitates it so that
we can do it faster.”
Run for fun, health
and a great cause
Don't miss the Scrub Run
5K Aug. 15 at St. Josef's
Winery in Canby, an event
benefiting Doernbecher
Children’s Hospital.
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