CNGA LooseLeaf Aug/Sept 2019

The company also has a bonus plan, where everyone on an hourly wage who works more than 40 hours during a week is awarded an extra $1 for each hour over 40. Rather than waiting until the end of the season to pay bonuses, they are incorporated into employees’ pay at the end of each two-week pay period. “People understand that since we don’t pay time and a half to agricultural workers out here, we are paying them extra for working beyond an eight- hour work day,” he explained. “The third thing we do, particularly during hot days and hectic weeks, is bring in fresh oranges, apples or other treats for their 2 p.m. break, just to say, ‘Hey, you know everyone in the office understands you’re working your tails off out there.’ Sometimes we give out ice cream or popsicles. It doesn’t amount to a lot of dollars, but it’s a way of showing we are all in this together, working hard during our busiest time,” he concluded. 9 colorad o LooseLeaf Aug/Sept 2019 Mark Van Hoef Photos courtesy of J. Frank Schmidt & Sons