ATSSA Signal Jan/Feb 2019

Table of Contents 1
ATSSA Chair looks to the year ahead 2
#GuardrailsSaveLives 4
Satisfaction guaranteed 6
Advocacy Day 'how to' 8
ATSSA is Tampa bound for its 49th Annual Convention & Traffic Expo 12
How iCone is putting work zones on the map 15
Mixing it up: The future of CAVs and the mixed vehicle fleet 16
ATSSA case studies: Pedestrians, cyclists & temporary traffic control 18
Task Force 13 works to promote roadway safety 20
V2X: How DOTs are connecting the dots on U.S. roadways 22
Making the pledge 28
Providing educational opportunities for loved ones 30
Train, retain, sustain: How to maintain a strong work force 32
Guardrails save lives 36
Chapter news 38