ATSSA Signal Jan/Feb 2019

American Traffic Safety Services Association 4 “These positions are going to further our delivery of services to our membership. We’re excited to see continued growth in the association. My personal commit- ment to the membership is to continue to find ways to enhance their experi- ence,” said Arvizu. For 2019, Arvizu’s goal is to sustain the positive developments that have al- ready been started, support the asso- ciation staff in their work to provide high- quality service to all ATSSA members, and continue to communicate the in- dustry’s role in the development of CAV technology. Arvizu also encourages all members to communicate to him what the associa- tion is doing well, as well as areas where it can improve and grow. “I’m a member of a lot of associations, and I’ve got to say this is one of the best groups I’ve been involved in, in the two decades I’ve been a member of the as- sociation,” said Arvizu. ATSSA News ATSSA chair looks to the year ahead ATSSA Chair Juan Arvizu is looking ahead to what the association and its members can accomplish in 2019. Arvizu, chief operating officer for Pave- ment Marking, Inc., was named ATSSA’s chair at the 48th Annual Convention & Traffic Expo in January 2018. Chairs for the association serve two-year terms within the association’s board of directors. When speaking about his work as chair thus far, Arvizu expressed his excite- ment for what’s been accomplished and what he hopes to help move forward in the second half at his term. Arvizu remarked on the growth in at- tendance of ATSSA events like the An- nual Convention & Traffic Expo and Mid- year Meeting. “Over the last several years, we’ve seen tremendous growth at our Annual Con- vention& Traffic Expo—we’ve seenmore attendees, more visitors. As the premier event in the roadway safety infrastruc- ture industry, it provides a lot of value to both members and non-members, with networking, informational sessions, and a chance for different divisions throughout the industry to connect and learn from one another,” said Arvizu. Connected Automated Vehicle (CAV) technology continues to develop and will disrupt the transportation industry, and offers opportunities for ATSSAmem- ber companies in the future. “What we do in the roadway safety in- frastructure industry is critical in the development of CAV technology,” said Arvizu. During the 2018 Midyear Meet- ing, ATSSA launched an Automative Safety Council (ASC) Roundtable to bring stakeholders together to discuss CAV technology, and the association is work- ing to foster knowledge exchanges in this area. According to Arvizu, decisions made in board meetings throughout 2018 are taking shape with many positive devel- opments ahead for 2019. One of these items was a board decision to move for- ward on purchasing a permanent office space for members of ATSSA’s govern- ment relations team. “We as a board have given direction to staff to start searching for a permanent facility in Washington, D.C., for our gov- ernment relations staff. We have an op- portunity to secure a space that solidi- fies our voice and presence in the industry on Capitol Hill,” said Arvizu. Additionally, Arvizu shared that the as- sociation will expand its staff as a mea- sure to continue providing high value service to all of its members. ATSSA Chair Juan Arvizu began his term in 2018, and has led the association to many successes in his first year.